Report: iPad Pre-Orders to Start February 25th

| Rumor

An unconfirmed report from AppAdvice said that Apple will begin accepting pre-orders for the iPad as soon as February 25th. The site cited unnamed sources "familiar with the matter," but the time frame would largely split the difference between the announcement date of January 27th and the 60-day availability predicted by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during that event.

AppAdvice also reported that pre-orders would be limited to the U.S. and initially be for WiFi units only. Apple had said that the WiFi-only units would ship first, and that units equipped with 3G data access would be available in another 30 days.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Countdown to Bosco losing his bet with Bryan and all faith in humanity at the same time.

Bryan Chaffin



So, green with envy, we Aussies will have to wait - and the ‘black market’ for iPads will flourish (as it did with jailbroke 1st gen iPhones)- until the flood gates trickle open our way! :(

Such is the way it is Downunder.


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