Report: iPhone 5 to Abandon iPhone 4 Form Factor

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In addition to reporting (again) that a CDMA iPhone was on the way for Verizon’s network, The Wall Street Journal also reported that Apple was working on the fifth generation of iPhone, and that this device would abandon the form factor used in the iPhone 4.

The report didn’t offer any details on exactly what kind of form factor Apple was cooking up in its labs, but using a basic design concept for only one generation of iPhone would be towards the unusual side of things for Apple. The company’s track record is to introduce a new form factor, and then update that design in future iterations subtly and slightly.

For instance, the iPhone 3G was a thinner phone than the original iPhone, but it was a device that closely resembled its predecessor. The iPhone 3GS was almost indistinguishable from the 3G. Most iPod models also followed the similar-but-thinner-and-better evolution for each new generation (the iPod mini-cum-nano being the notable exception).

The iPhone 4 was an abrupt departure from the curvy designs used in the previous models, however, and Observers would have been pardoned in most quarters for expecting the biggest change in the next generation device would be for it to be thinner and for it to have some modifications in the antenna band around the edge of the device.

Not so, according to The Journal, though the reporters in the piece specified that the CDMA iPhone the company is working on will have the iPhone 4 form factor.

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Lee Dronick

Well maybe there is truth to the 7” screen rumor, maybe it isn’t for a smaller iPad. I bet these people used to carefully unwrap their Christmas presents to see what they are getting and then carefully rewrap it.



Since we can’t really get an iPhone 4 in Canada yet due to persistent supply shortages, it’s great to be able to look forward to an iPhone 5!


Duh! It will be a wristband communicator - steve is dying to bring a ‘bodily attached’ communicator to market. Apple recently (spring 2010) bought just such a company specializing in prosthetics and ergonomics.

Det. Fuzzwilder

Apple is inventing a whole new shape no ones ever seen before.  “Is that an iPhone 5 in your pocket or a gateway to another dimension?”

Lee Dronick

steve is dying to bring a ?bodily attached? communicator to market

Here is a prototype


Perhaps apple should focus on a device that works - well.  I have an iPhone 4.  I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  Reverted to my lovely 3GS.

Never again will I be drawn in by the artificial marketing hype.  Boy, was I naive.


i want a 4.3” screen!!


hmm, iPHone 5? is it a update for solving the antenna problems? maybe.
But I also believe the really really big change will be the iPad.
Rumor: Apple To Release ?Mini? iPad in Early 2011 in ifunia news blog


“The company?s track record is to introduce a new form factor, and then update that design in future iterations subtly and slightly.”

Sort of. Consider the iPod Nano. The 2nd generation looked a bit like the 1st, except that it was rounded and metal instead of square and plastic. The 3rd generation was short & squat. The 4th generation returned to the tall form, but quite a bit different from the 2nd. Now, the 5th generation is, well, totally different.

The Shuffle has gone through several form factors, as well.

1. “Stick of gum”
2. Chiclet
3. Skinny stick of gum
4. Back to the chiclet

The Apple TV is yet another example. The 2nd generation is totally different from the first.

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