Report: Mac Mini Availability Delayed to Third Party Resellers

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Apple has told its resellers that there will be a two-to-three week delay on new Mac mini orders, according to AppleInsider. Citing third party retailer sources, AI reported that wait times for Mac mini orders have gone from one-to-three business days to the multi-week time frame, which suggests the company may be ready for a refresh on the product line.

This is not, however, the case on Apple's online Apple Store where wait times are still listed at "1-3 business days" as of this writing. This was true of both the entry-level model (2.0GHz, 120GB hard drive) and the higher-end model (2.0GHz, 320GB hard drive).

Apple's resellers often get the short-end of the availability stick, be it before a product refresh or availability constraints when new products are rolled out. In addition, Apple's pattern is to increase wait times for existing product shortly before a product refresh, again adding circumstantial evidence that a mini refresh is in the offing.

Mac mini
Mac mini

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After so many years, it’s not so circumstantial anymore now is it????

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