Reports That Steve Jobs Appeared at Disney Shareholder Meeting Corrected

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Marketwatch reported Tuesday that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had made an appearance at Disney's annual shareholder meeting, which would have represented the first public appearance of Mr. Jobs since he went on a leave of absence from Apple for medical reasons. The media outlet subsequently corrected the story -- though Mr. Jobs was re-elected to Disney's board, he was not at the shareholder meeting.

ZDNet reported that one shareholder expressed concern over what would happen to Disney's stock should Mr. Jobs's 138 million shares of Disney hit the market at one time due as a result of his health issues. Disney President and CEO Bob Iger replied, "We have not thought at all about the contingency for whether Steve Jobs is not on our board. It's not something we worry about.'

For those keeping score at home, that makes two boards of directors of two companies where Mr. Jobs sits on said board(s) or is an executive that have said they are not worried about the effect of Mr. Jobs's health on their companies. While much has been made of Mr. Jobs's control over Apple, the same can not be said of Disney.

Mr. Jobs became a major shareholder in Disney in 2006 when that company purchased Pixar, the animation firm responsible for Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and other animated hits. Under Bon Iger's leadership, Disney has had a close relationship to Apple, working with the company in bringing TV and film to iTunes for the first time.

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steve jobs…we need you….come back soon


I was in attendance at today’s Disney Annual Shareholder Meeting and, while Steve Jobs was indeed not there, it was noted the board met at Pixar Studios “up the road” the day before, Monday. Who knows who may have been there?

Next, in the Q&A period the hypothetical question was asked what would happen to Steve’s huge Disney shareholdings if something were to happen to him and had the Disney board considered that possibility and how to handle it. The verbal response from the chairman was that no, they had not considered it.

Armchair analysis here: the chairman’s and CEO Bob Iger’s body language didn’t seem to be uncomfortable at all with that verbal reply. As a shareholder in Apple and Disney, via Pixar, that Q&A exchange was comforting to me.



And off topic, Pixar film Walli uses the Mac chimes heard on booting whenever the little robot reboots. My kids love that


long live the mac and steve jobs…

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