Rescue Cleaner: Dogs Clean Your iPhone Screen, Download Goes to Shelters

Silver Lining Ideas announced Friday Rescue Cleaner, a new iPhone app that does two things: The first is that dogs appear to be cleaning your screen for you (see the screen shot), and the second is that the company is donating 25% of its share of each download to non-profit animal shelters.

Charity fundraising is the company's raison d'être, according to company president Steve Cobb, who said, "You know, we will be surprised if any of our apps make the top ten most downloaded apps and bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course that's OK, if we only make a little, then a little is what we send. Whether it's $50 or $5000, rescue groups are always in need of help and thankful for whatever is given to them."

Animal shelters are the firm's current target, but Silver Lining Ideas will also target other charities in the future.

Rescue Cleaner is priced at US$.99 at the App Store - this is an introductory price for this weekend only, and Mr. Cobb told The Mac Observer that it will be increased to a regular price of $2.99 on Monday.

Rescue Cleaner Screenshot
Rescue Cleaner Screenshot