Research Firm Says Snow Leopard, iPhone Use Growing

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Research firm Net Applications said this week that 18.45 percent of Mac users have upgraded to Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard, giving it a 0.91 percent global share of Internet usage and helping overall Mac share move up to 5.12 percent from 4.87 percent a month earlier. iPhone use is also growing, although a percentage was not given, according to a ChannelWeb article.

Net Applications takes its browser data from roughly 160 million worldwide Web site visits. It found that Windows had declined 0.31 to 92.77 percent over the past month, while Linux held steady at 0.95 percent.




Only 18.45%???

Despite the fairly modest number of “insanely great” new features, Snow Leopard is (imo) the most successful iteration of OS X since 10.1. I haven’t (yet) found a feature or operation pointlessly upgraded or improved. Using Snow Leopard has been an undiluted pleasure. What more can I say?


Some of us cannot upgrade to 10.6.
Some of us are waiting for QuickBooks 2010.


Some of us shouldn’t wait (for QuickBooks).

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