Reset The Net On June 5: Taking Back Online Privacy

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June 5 is the day we Reset the Net, according to nonprofit Fight for the Future. This means taking personal action to help secure some data and raise privacy awareness, whether you're a user, app developer or site owner.

Their site outlines steps that can be taken, as well as a pledge to sign and a downloadable privacy pack with an assortment of apps and best practices to help keep your data under wraps.

June 5 is particularly significant in this case because it's the first anniversary of the day Edward Snowden's first NSA story was published.

So give some of these tools a shot. As the site says, governments can hack anybody, but they can't hack everybody.

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This is a great idea, and I hope they're sucessful. A lot of the suggestions for tools are easy to use, so even more people can take basic steps. I really like the possibility that this could help keep governments from breathing down my neck, my own included. Add in the options for developers of apps and of websites, and it could really make a difference.

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