Restrained Evolution of iPod touch Speaks to iTablet

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Apple added some considerable new features to the iPod nano today. By comparison, the evolution of the iPod touch seems restrained. That may have implications for the forthcoming iTablet.

Mr. Jobs has previously offered a confirmation, of sorts, that Apple is working on a touch screen tablet device. Even though he told the Wall Street Journal that many of the rumors surrounding the device are wrong, we can still safely surmise that Apple needs to take into account the feature set of its best selling iPod, the touch.


iPod touch

That means that if too many cool things were added to the iPod touch today, it would take some of the steam out of the tablet device. That's why, I think, the update was restrained, simply moving to a maximum of 64 GB of RAM, a slightly faster processor and the focus on it as a gaming platform.

On the other hand, the iPod nano, thanks to its market, size, and pricing is no big cannibalization threat to the iTablet -- so it gets all the new spiffy features like a camera, microphone, pedometer and FM radio.

One might even go so far as to suggest that the iTablet will be a new family of devices and that the iPod touch will be nearing the end of its evolutionary life next year as Apple seeks to widen the market for the iPhone. That's just speculation, but it does suggest that Apple is thinking hard about how its current products will mesh with the next generation of tablet-like products.

What crosses my mind is a less expensive mini-iPhone using CDMA in concert with Verizon. That and a larger iTablet would put the squeeze on today's iPod touch. If that's true, then one can guess that the iTablet will use the iPhone OS, to play all those 21,000 games.

These are just a few scenarios that help explain the restrained evolution of the iPod touch.

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I’m really disappointed in the iPod Touch update.. I hope to see the camera on there before the holidays. If it doesn’t happen, I think people will hold out for it. I have a 2nd gen version that I would have given up for one with a camera in a heartbeat.
Now if I want a camera on my iPod without paying AT&T $70/month, I have to buy a nano?!?


What evolution?  I am very disappointed in the failure of Apple to do anything with the iPod touch except to include the current OS, and drop the price a small fraction.  The bump of $100 to get to 32 Gbyte is still too steep given the current price of flash memory. 

No Camera?  That is really a disappointment. With the various apps being developed for the iPhone that use the camera, it would seem obvious to include a camera in the touch to keep it closer to its big brother.

I was ready to buy an iPod touch to serve as my PDA, but wanted the camera.  Now, I’ll just have to wait.  Since I’m going to have to wait, I will expect more now than just a camera in a new iPod touch.  I want GPS as well.  Make it as close as possible to the iPhone, without the phone.  (I’m on Verizon, and cannot justify the switch and dataplan cost in order to go to an iPhone.)

I can’t get excited about the Nano.  My first gen Nano still works, and lacking a big screen and a touch interface, there are unlikely to be any apps of interest to me on this newest Nano.  (I expect to see even more embarrassing videos on Youtube and nasty videos elsewhere on the web with the Nano as a video recorder.)

Very disappointing event.  Only highlight - knowing that Steve was well enough to appear.


COME ON with the “iTablet” already!!!

When will people ever, finally give up this baseless, pipe dream of a wish for something Apple will never do??? It’s non-starter, deader ‘n a doornail, never gonna happen. Let’s just stop wishing!!!

I knew this was going to happen. Apple wouldn’t announce a tablet. People would be crushed—and then start wishing and wanting to come in January—then next June, then next September. This has been going on since 1998, the day the Newton died (may He rest in peace, sniff, sniff—mine sits here, plugged in, ready to spring into action). 11 years now!!! Please, just do _one_ major Apple announcement without speculating over the “iTablet”!!! Please. Pretty please???


Ashley Grayson


Consider picking up a used iPhone in the short term. Then you will have the features of an iPod touch with a camera.

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