Reuters Claims iWatch Will Have Curved 2.5” Display and Ship in October

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Apple will begin production of the iWatch in July and ship it in October, according to unnamed sources cited by Reuters. Those sources also said the device will feature a 2.5-inch display with a curved surface.

The report said that Apple's device, which has been rumored for at least the last two years, will perform some functions in a standalone capacity. Phone calls and text messages, however, will require a paired iPhone. It will also have a heart rate monitor and sensors "for other health-related metrics."

Rumors about the iWatch's display have been all over the map, with 2.5-inches being on the high end of the range. We've also heard that the display will be square, rectangular, and circular. Reuters's source said it will be "slightly rectangular," protrude "slightly from the band," and be curved.

Reuters's coverage focused on the fact that Quanta will be performing some 70 percent of iWatch production. The source also told the news service that Quanta is already doing trial production runs.

The take away from that focus suggests that Reuters's source is likely in Quanta. Apple's supply chain has grown so large and so complex, it has long been impossible for the company to keep new hardware devices a secret, especially in the final few months before release. This leak has that sort of ring to it, and I find it quite credible.

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Lee Dronick

Will the face, the screen, be concave or convex? smile


2.5” seems a little large to me. Maybe it has to be for now for battery capacity..

Lee Dronick

The diameter of my wrist is 2.5”. The watch face would have to be curved if is going to be that size.


This will have to be VERY thin to allow that kind of screen size or else it will seem bulky and, well, ‘Gear’-ish!!

I suspect it will be mostly flat but start to curve on top and bottom where the band will attach.  I’m sure Apple has studied thousands of wrists in this process, like they did for the new ear buds (but studied thousands of ears, not wrists).  Can’t wait to see how Apple approaches this.


Lee: You’re holding it wrong

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