Richard Belzer: Apple Store Employee ‘Was Trying to Shake Me Down’

Actor and comedian Richard Belzer, who is best known for the role of detective John Munch on the “Law & Order” TV series, on Thursday discussed an incident at a Manhattan Apple store the previous day that resulted in an employee calling the police. Officers reviewed the store’s security footage and declined to press charges against Mr. Belzer, who now thinks that he was targeted for a shakedown.

The employee, Milan Agnew, said that when she approached the actor to offer sales assistance, he grabbed her shoulders, shook her, choked her, and yelled “I need help!” She then called 911.

Mr. Belzer admitted he put his hands on her shoulders, but said that was the extent of his actions. “I didn’t scream. I didn’t choke her. Go to the videotape. The police did. A bunch of New York’s Finest reviewed the tape, and they saw that there was nothing,” he told the Daily News. “I was not charged. There is no charge.”

He added: “I guess she was trying to shake me down. She clearly knew who I was. Sometimes when you are a celebrity, people try to take advantage of you.”