RIM Launching BlackBerry App for Mac OS X on Oct 2

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Research In Motion will be releasing its own BlackBerry Desktop Manager application for Mac OS X on Friday, October 2. The app will let Mac users sync appointments, contacts, to-dos and notes from their computer to their BlackBerry smartphone.

The Mac application will support syncing content from iCal and Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, and DRM-free content from iTunes.

Users will need a BlackBerry device running OS 4.2 or higher, and Mac OS X 10.5.5 or higher.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for the Mac will be free and available for download after 1PM eastern time on October 2 at the RIM Web site.



And on and on it goes. I received a BB Curve-worthless junk BTW-two years ago and never was able to use it as well as I was able to use my iPhone within minutes of connecting it. RIM is hopelessly outclassed and so far behind iPhone that this is essentially useless information. Who cares what they’re doing. Enterprise users have IT departments that won’t support Mac anyway. So if they’re using a Mac and a BB, they’ve probably started using an iPhone by now anyway. Nothing to see here, move along. Oh, I wouldn’t invest any $$ in RIM either, their stock is tanking…


Oh so true.

It’s a little too little too late.


Oh, I wouldn?t invest any $$ in RIM either, their stock is tanking?

Considering the state of the economy your comment looks even more biased than it is.

You don’t like the BB.  That’s nice. (/yawn)


I thought I would provide the link so that people can decide for themselves, rather than taking your unsubstantiated word for it.


My company has given me a (couple year old) BB for work. I HATE it. The screens too small and hard to read. The buttons are tricky and hard to read. I’m negotiating to get them to pay me what they are spending on the BB contract each month and I’ll get an iPhone.

BB stock is going up because of the inertia of installed base. There was an article on TMO last week about how more companies are having staff get their own smart phones for business use. IMO the strong showing of the iPhone among personal buyers will start eating into the BB installed base.


Does anyone know if the BBDM includes Roxio? On the Win systems that I maintain Roxio connected to the BBDM is nearly a virus. It takes over all sorts of functions, tries to manage data, burning CDs, mounting volumes, etc. If there is a function it wants to take over but can’t it demands you have the original disks and won’t let you proceed without them. The same goes for uninstalling BBDM, without the original disks you are nearly SOL. On one system I’ve finally resorted to opening the Registry and deleting anything connected to Roxio. And even then some entries won’t come out, I’ll have to go in via safe mode. If BBDM for Mac includes Roxio that alone would be reason enough to not use it.

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