RIM Playbook Delayed Thanks to iPad

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Research in Motion apparently delayed the launch of its PlayBook tablet by a month because Apple snatched up nearly all of the available touch panels for the iPad. RIM plans to start shipping the PlayBook in the United States on April 19.

RIM PlayBook. Yeah, ouch.RIM’s PlayBook launch delayed thanks to the iPad

News of the launch delay comes via parts suppliers, according to DigiTimes. RIM apparently had hoped to ship its PlayBook tablet in March, but couldn’t get enough parts, and also had to deal with software testing delays.

While DigiTimes doesn’t always have the most reliable sources, it sounds plausible that RIM had to hold back its PlayBook launch because Apple had already locked up parts for the iPad, leaving its competition fighting for what little was left.

Apple’s iPad has been selling well ever since the original model was introduced about a year ago. The second generation model went on sale in March.

RIM has been hoping to cash in on the popularity of the iPad with its own competing product. The company may, however, have a hard time convincing customers that it’s better than the iPad since it initially will ship without calendar and contacts apps, requiring users to link to a BlackBerry smartphone for those features.

RIM plans to update the PlayBook to add in missing apps, but it may feel as if it wasn’t delayed long enough when it finally ships this month.

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Really, they couldn’t find 3 dozen screens?


They’re not even the same size screen… PlayBook is 7”. Are there no touch screen manufacturers besides the ones who got the Apple contracts?


Really, they couldn?t find 3 dozen screens?

Don’t over project jfbii.

They?re not even the same size screen? PlayBook is 7?.

You make it sound so big, iphonzie. That’s actually half the size of the you-know-what.

Dis is Daft.

If it weren’t for Apple and its miracle iPad, RIM and the others wouldn’t even know what a tablet should look like or they would have come out with it years before Apple rather than years after. (trying to be CRish in my objective reviewing)

And, like the pudding isn’t even set and out it comes, just like the Gloom.

Any speculation when flash meshes with the eXoom. I hear many sites still default to their mobile versions. I wonder how the “Life of Battery” act holds or is the experience still like a stomping eXombie.

Now I will take my Apple blinds off and speculate that millions will hop to buy RIM’s pads because it is half the size of Apple’s. The millions will also buy muumuus so the half sized tablet will fit into their pockets and then they can claim it’s portable and doesn’t need all those fancy cases Nancy reviews. I hear RIM has bought up the world’s supply of muumuu cloth.

Just had an image of the PitBull of Grunge out in his muumuu, eXoom in hand, walking his ferret. (Didn’t know it’s categorised as a polecat. Fitting.) Now we’ll just have to await his hissy fits regarding Apple scrounging all the glass and how next year Apple won’t have the loot to buy up all the bits and parts.

So, in what year do the others bring out pads that are fully functioning? (more CR language) We should set up a pole.


Not only is RIM late to the tablet party, they’re late in ordering their screens.  Who’s running this company again?

@jfbiii - Nice one!

Lee Dronick

Not only is RIM late to the tablet party, they?re late in ordering their screens.?

It is like the people who wait until the storm is about to arrive before they go to buy a flashlight and food.


I might actually be on the low side. I have a buddy who knows a guy in an IT department of a nearby company who told him that his boss’ friend who’s a sales manager asked his IT department if blackberry made tablet like the iPad. So interest is there.


a sales manager asked his IT department if blackberry made tablet like the iPad

That rather speaks to the mindshare Apple commands, no? The sales manager, who is apparently a RIM customer and not an Apple customer, knows all about the iPad, but has no idea about RIM’s product line (and is weak in google-fu).

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