RIM Unveils Details for BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac

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Research in Motion unveiled details for its long-awaited BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac software. The company has posted detailed screenshots and information on how the software will work for Mac users and what kind of features they can expect. Without offering specifics, RIM said that the release is, "just around the corner."

The software will allow users to sync all their data between their Mac and BlackBerry, including the new ability to sync to multiple computers. Users will also be able to choose their destination location for music (internal folder on their BlackBerry or a memory card).

Other features include automatic backup options, other music options, software update options, backup options, and more.

You can find more information at RIM's Web site.

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac Screenshot
Screenshot from BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac

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Long awaited is the decades. Or longer.

But Mac users don’t soon forget that RIM has ignored them for so long.


I really hope it quickly gains support for multiple languages…

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