Rock Band Coming to the iPhone in October

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The popular music game Rock Band and the iPhone will cross paths soon when EA Mobile brings the game to the App Store. Like the console-based versions of the game, Rock Band for the iPhone will let multiple players team up to make a band.

Rock Band for the iPhone and iPod touch

The game lets players take up drums, guitar, bass or vocals with three levels of difficulty, and includes 25 songs from bands such as the Blink-182, The Pixies, Foo Fighters, the Steve Miller Band, and more. Users can purchase additional songs through an in-game store.

Rock Band for the iPhone requires iPhone OS 3.0, and uses Bluetooth for multiplayer mode. It is also compatible with the second generation iPod touch.

EA Mobile is showing off the game at its Web site, but isn't offering pricing details or an exact launch date yet.



DDR, Tap Tap, and now rock band (not counting all the clones).
Now if EA could release it for $0.99 and allow us to choose what songs we want to buy using in-app purchases

Jeff Gamet

I’m imagining groups of people playing out in public with their headphones on. We get to see the dancing and hear off-key vocals, but no other sound. That should land on YouTube pretty quickly.

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