Rock Band Takes the Stage at Apple's App Store

Rock Band fans that can't get enough of their favorite game at home can play on the go now that Rock Band for the iPhone is available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store. The game rolled out on Sunday, and includes support for up to four players over Bluetooth.

Like its console-based cousins, the iPhone and iPod touch version of the game lets players take up drums, guitar, bass or vocals with three levels of difficulty, and includes 25 songs from bands such as the Blink-182, The Pixies, Foo Fighters, and the Steve Miller Band. Users can purchase additional songs through an in-game store.

Rock Band for the iPhone requires iPhone OS 3.0, and uses Bluetooth for multiplayer mode. It is also compatible with the second generation iPod touch.

The game is priced at US$9.99 and is available for download at Apple's App Store.