Rumor: Big iPad Coming in October, Kills 11-inch MacBook Air

Rumor says 12.9-inch iPad coming to the education market in October 2014The latest rumor about bigger iPads has Apple releasing a 12.9-inch model in October 2014, and it may be a replacement for the 11-inch MacBook Air. This big iPad model will apparently target the education market, which doesn't exactly fit with the idea that Apple will call it the iPad Pro.

This rumor comes courtesy of DigiTimes talking with "the upstream supply chain," which doesn't a strong reputation for consistently reliable rumor reports. In this case, dropping the 11-inch MacBook Air from Apple's laptop lineup doesn't sound particularly plausible.

According to sources, the iPad isn't the only Apple product getting bigger in 2014. The iPhone will allegedly get a bigger screen come May and will include a new processor manufactured by TSMC using a 20nm process.

The DigiTimes sources also said the 12.9-inch iPad will be built for Apple by Quanta Computer.