Rumor Claims Apple Testing iWatch Display

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iWatch test runs may be happening now, or so the rumors say.Rumors out of Taiwan claim Apple is currently testing 1.5-inch OLED displays from RITEK for its smartwatch device. That display will apparently be linked to RitFast sensors to make it touch-sensitive.

News of the alleged parts testing comes courtesy of Macotakara and Taiwan's Economic Times. The reports also claim Foxconn has already received production orders from Apple, although the production runs are set at about 1,000 units, indicating the company is currently checking to see if any issues will crop up during the build process.

Earlier this year, a report surfaced claiming Apple had 100 engineers working on its secret watch project, and the company has a patent on a watch-type device that wraps around user's wrists much like slap bracelets, too. Other sources claim Apple plans to ship its iWatch before the end of 2013.

Rumors claiming Apple is getting into the smartwatch business have been circulating for months, although so far the company hasn't said or done anything to confirm such a product really is coming to market.

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If the iWatch is just an accessory to the iPhone or iPad, it doesn't make sense for Apple to release the product. Apple's primary product line is all about stand-alone devices that also happen to interact really well with other Apple gear.


Michael Ehrman

Apple could possible make this a standalone device if they can get the minimization of the telecommunications portion to fit as the cpu part is there.  This would give us a small form factor on the risk.  The amount of data would be limited that could be displayed but the watch would be very functional.  Next choice is to make it a display slaved to your iPhone, iPad or even other third party device.  We shall see.

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