Rumor Mill Churns Up “iPhone Math” Model

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iPhone Math? Yeah, right.The latest iPhone rumor to rear its head claims Apple is prepping to release a new model dubbed "iPhone Math" sometime in 2013. The Math model will allegedly have a bigger screen, falling in the awkward size range between the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, along with an awkward and very un-Apple like name.

The iPhone Math will sport a 4.8-inch display, according to supply chain sources talking with China Times, and will also include an 8 megapixel camera. They also claimed the smartphone will be built by Foxconn, which is far less of a reach than a 4.8-inch screen iPhone model called Math.

The sources also claimed the iPhone 5S is coming and that it will stick with the iPhone 5's 4-inch display and that both models will be available by the end of June. As if that isn't enough to keep Apple busy, the company apparently has a third iPhone with a 12 megapixel camera scheduled for the Christmas buying season.

While an iPhone 5 replacement -- regardless of whether or not how soon it ships -- is a safe bet, the iPhone Math seems like a stretch even for the always fervent Apple rumor mill. It does, however, show there's so much interest in what Apple has planned next that nearly anything can be tossed out as the next big iPhone rumor.

[Thanks to Brightwire for the heads up]

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iPhone Math? Even if Apple goes with an awkward and unlikely 4.8-inch screen size, we can only hope there was something lost in translation and that the name is totally wrong.



I know some would want a large phone; but I have no interest. Now, a smaller iPhone would likely make me drool.

David Quiring

I wonder if apple is throwing out all the hints to the rummer mill just to keep hide what it is that they are actually working on.  I think if apple were to come out with an iPhone with a larger screen they would call it the iPhone Pro.  Just a thought.


I saw a friend’s latest phablet. I fit in my shirt pocket but was wider than my iPhone5. It was amazing. The slighly larger form factor really broke the constaints for me. I don’t really want to carry around an iPad (mini or maxi), but a slightly larger phone really was the thing once I saw it. Frankly if I hadn’t just gotten my iPhone 5 upgrade I would have gotten this one - it was that fantastic.


iPhone Meth.


iphone MAX!


i agree with dk, it’s most likely to be iPhone Max


Phone Myth


Math, Max, Pro, who cares for now. We know how engineering has play names for pre-production units. I for one will be looking forward to a larger screen iPhone. After having all of them through the years, I’ve come to really savor the larger Galaxies and Notes, sad to say. When you have “fat fingers” such as I, it’s definitely the size that matters. And this would certainly keep me an iPhone faithful.


iPhone Mirth.  grin)


As long as it maintains the same resolution as the iPhone 5 (and thus avoid adding complexity to the product line), I don’t see why filling the gaps in Apple’s smartphone lineup doesn’t make sense.  Because of reduced miniaturization, It will probably cost less to build than the iPhone5 but they can actually price it above the 5 (or 5S by then).  That makes it a no-brainer.

Is it iPhone Math because they will include a calculator app that recognizes and solves
handwritten equations?  The iPhone 5’s screen size is probably too small to make such an app practical.

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