Rumor Pegs iPhone 5S Production in December

iPhone 5S production in December? Not too likelyWith the iPhone 5 just over a month old, rumors of iPhone 5S production have already started to surface. Sources claim the next iPhone model will see limited production starting in December, leading to speculation that Apple is targeting a spring product launch instead of waiting about a year for a new product release.

News of the apparent product trial production phase comes courtesy of the Chinese language publication Commercial Times via DigiTimes. Sources say Apple ordered between 50,000 and 100,000 units with plans to ramp up production in early 2013.

The reported time frame seems surprisingly fast considering the current iPhone model would be around only six months old when the iPhone 5S shipped. While that would be an uncharacteristically fast upgrade cycle for the iPhone, Apple recently did just that with the iPad when it released the fourth generation model.

It's possible Apple could surprise the market with a substantially faster than normal iPhone upgrade cycle, but it doesn't seem likely -- and Commercial Times doesn't have a strong track record with Apple rumors.

Apple hasn't commented on the report.