Rumor: Apple Could Host Two Developer Conferences Per Year for iOS and Mac

Apple could host two developer conferences per year, one for iOS and one for Mac OS X, according to unnamed sources at Apple cited by The report doesn’t offer details, but such a move would be designed to allow Apple to better meet the needs of the developers for the different platforms.

“One of our most reliable sources at Apple told us that the company could decide to organize two different WWDC every year, one dedicated to the iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc… and the other one to Mac OS X and the Mac,” the site reported.

With unnamed sources and an ambiguous statement, we’d caution readers to take the rumor with a large bag of salt on hand for use as needed, but we would also notice that this year’s World Wide Developer Conference was heavy on iOS news and sessions and light on Mac OS X information.

Of course, iOS 4 is ready, and Apple hasn’t yet announced the next major release of Mac OS X, but the platform remains a major portion of Apple’s annual revenues, and it is growing. As such, the company is likely to want to find a way to get the information and resources Mac developers need in their hands. Two conferences would make doing so a more manageable affair.