Rumor: Apple Eying Twitter Purchase

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Apple has apparently entered into negotiations to buy the microblogging service Twitter, and hopes to make a public announcement during its World Wide Developer Conference in June. If so, the deal could be worth as much as US$700 million, according to unnamed insiders.

Apple isn't the first company to consider snatching up Twitter, although the Cupertino-based company may have a better chance at seeing a deal through since it can pay cash, according to Valleywag. When Facebook made a bid for Twitter it offered $500 million in cash and stock, but the deal fell through because investors couldn't agree on what Facebook's stock was really worth.

Snagging Twitter would give Apple more than a popular microblogging service. The company would also gain a strong Web development team it could use in other areas, too, like additional MobileMe-related services. 

How Apple uses Twitter -- and whether or not a deal really will come together -- remains to be seen.


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Wha? Why? $700 million on a fad? Steve’s on the heavy meds me thinks.

Roger Andre

Gosh! If Apple get twitter, then I really hope their heart is in it!

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