Rumor: Apple Tablet in Feb 2010

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The rumor mill can't help but follow the magical siren song of an Apple tablet, and now that tune is taking them to February 2010, the new alleged release date for the still unseen product. The latest tablet launch date rumor comes courtesy of some Taiwanese parts suppliers, according to The Taiwan Economic News.

The unnamed parts suppliers claim Apple's tablet computer will sport a 9.6-inch touch sensitive display, a processor from PA SEMI, and a built-in HSPDA wireless data module. Apparently DynaPack International Technology will be building 300,000 long lasting batteries for the tablet, too.

Other rumored parts suppliers include Wanshih Electronic Company for cables, Mag. Layers Scientific-Technics Company for power chokes, and Wintek will provide the displays.

An Apple tablet has been a favorite for the rumor mill for some time. Many people have expected the company to introduce its own tablet computer at every Macworld Expo for the past several years, it regularly crops up as a new holiday product rumor, and the company's September music event had many people hoping for a surprise tablet announcement, too. Apple CEO Steve Jobs did, however, offer up a little morsel ahead of the media event by saying that most of the rumors are off base.

Mr. Jobs is apparently spearheading Apple's tablet-based computing project, although what it entails and when a product will ship remains a mystery. Until it does hit store shelves, rumor fans will have plenty to discuss.

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A product in the hand is worth two in the rumor mill


A product in the hand is worth two in the rumor mill

Haha, that’s a good one - but I think it might be worth 10 in the rumor mill. smile

Look at what happened with the latest iPod Touch; right before the keynote presentation, several rumor sites were suggesting that there might be inventory delays; from what I gather no one was expecting Apple to pull the plug on the camera inclusion.


Price “between US$799 and US$999?”  That’s gonna disappoint some people.  And what in the hell is an HSPDA wireless data


Price ?between US$799 and US$999??? That?s gonna disappoint some people.? And what in the hell is an HSPDA wireless data

^ what most people refer to as 3G, which is not as technically accurate as HSPDA wink


Price ?between US$799 and US$999??? That?s gonna disappoint some people

I had predicted some time ago that whatever form factor this fabled tablet/netbook/whatever took, it would be priced slightly below the bottom end MacBook… I think my guess was in the range of $699 to $899. There will likely be a steeper introductory price that Apple will eventually drop a bit after they get some sales volume, Same as with other products like the MacBook Air or the iPhone.

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