Apple Tablet Includes Front-facing Camera

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Google China's former president, Kaifu Lee, apparently has some insider information on Apple's rumored tablet computer, such as the device will sport a front-facing camera for video conferencing.

According to Mr. Lee's personal blog, Apple's tablet will look like an oversized iPhone with a 10.1-inch multi-touch display. It will also include ebook reader and notebook computer features, and it sounds like the device's interface knocked his socks off.

Apple is expected to unveil its tablet computer at a special media event on January 26, although the company hasn't announced the event or confirmed it is ready to release a tablet device.

[Thanks to GadgetMix for the heads up.]

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Jeff Gamet

Apple tablet rumors have reached such a fevered pitch that I’m worried people will literally explode when an announcement finally does roll out.


Don’t worry, I am sure it will include an amazing never-before-thought-of Apple anti-explosion hardware/software solution.  “BoomProof”, maybe. But I have no inside information.


Imagine what will happen if the late January event announces a new version of Final Cut and nothing else.

Front Facing Camera?

I believe we call them webcams…

Erik Bowen

Yeah, well why would they have a camera on the back? It makes sense for the iPhone but, it would be stupid to have it on the back of a tablet. The question we should be contemplating is whether or not the camera with be behind the screen. I don’t know if the tech is ready yet but, a while back Mac Rumors (or some other rumor site) showed an Apple patent for a behind-the-screen camera. The purpose is to look eye to eye with the person you’re having a video conference with.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Yeah, well why would they have a camera on the back?

Crotch cam!

Erik Bowen

Crotch cam!

Well, if they have it on the back it would be a crotch cam and we’d know what they were playing with rather than working on the device.


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