Rumor: Apple Tablet to Sport a 10-inch Screen

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Apple's mythical tablet computer hasn't been released, but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from upgrading it to include a 10-inch multi-touch display. The displays will be provided by Innolux, a subsidiary of Foxconn, according to DigiTimes.

Apparently the display's glass surface has been suffering from strength issues, but G-Tech Optoelectronics, another Foxconn subsidiary, is said to have a fix in place.

Rumors that Apple will host a special media event at the end of January 2010 surfaced last week. According to those reports, Apple will use the event to introduce its tablet device and will begin delivering shipments in March or April.

Reports from DigiTimes on upcoming Apple products aren't always accurate, but that won't likely stop analysts and hopeful customers from using the information to support rumors that a tablet announcement is coming soon.

Apple hasn't confirmed that it will be hosting a special media event in January, or that it plans to introduce a tablet computer.

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These rumours are coming too thick and fast to ignore any longer, and are quantitatively and qualitatively different than many of Apple’s previous rumours. Notable too is their specificity (who talks about ‘glass strengthening’, unless they really mean it)? I will now be surprised if there is not an announcement come January (or later in 2010).

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