Rumor: Apple to Announce iPad 2 at Media Event Next Week

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Reply hazy, ask again later

Apple is planning a media event next week, according to a new rumor from, and if the site’s unnamed sources are correct, the company will unveil the next iteration of the iPad as part of the event. The biggest problem with the rumor, however, is the source, which is being named as people within the accessories industry, not a source within Apple, or even within Apple’s OEM chain.


The media event the German site is saying will be held next week will be based around iOS 4.3 and the ability for iOS app developers to leverage subscriptions in their apps. Our friends at AppleInsider noted that when The Daily was announced on Wednesday, February 2nd, Apple VP Eddy Cue demurred when asked about other companies being able to use subscriptions, adding that Apple would have more to say on the subject in the near future.

In that line of reasoning, an iOS 4.3 media event could be that “near future,” and’s further reasoning is that the iPad 2 would be part of that event, and possibly the “One more thing…” part of the festivities.

Which brings us back to the source for the rumor: Apple is not known for giving even the biggest accessories vendors early access to anything. The more people know a secret, the harder it is to keep, and no company has taken this philosophy to the extremes that Apple has. How these sources have come by their knowledge is not explained, and it would be wise to have a few extra grains of salt lying around to take as needed when considering this rumor.

At the same time, however, we should acknowledge that Apple did announce the original iPad during a special media event held in January of 2010, three months before it shipped. Many have expected Apple to follow suit with its successor, but we have a counter-counter point to this line of reasoning, too.

With the original iPad, Apple was creating an entirely new market. The company needed developers to hit the ground running with apps, and more importantly, Apple wanted the world to have time to figure out what it might do with this new device.

It may seem obvious in retrospect, but we remember clearly the enormous amounts of speculation on whether the iPad would be successful and why anyone would want, let alone need, such a device - hadn’t Microsoft already failed with its tablet offerings that began in 2000?

Apple needed time for people to digest the concept of the iPad, and even the name of the device, before it was released, and thus the company announced it three months prior to its release. Apple did the same thing with the original iPhone, announcing it more than five months ahead of its release.

There’s a difference, however, between the first iPhone and its successors, as well as the first iPad and its own descendants: Apple didn’t have an existing market to protect with either 1st generation device — once the iPhone was announced and shipping, Apple resorted to its usual hush-hush tactics of announcing new iPhone models when they were ready or near-ready to ship.

It seems to us that this line of analysis applies far more readily to iPad 2 than the idea that accessory makers somehow know that Apple is planning to announce the device next week.

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Lee Dronick

If that is the case then I would think the iPad2 would be on sale that day or a few days afterwards.


Yeah, I don’t think Apple’s going to wait a full year this time.


If that is the case then I would think the iPad2 would be on sale ...

The accessory makers know nothing - Cases for the iPad 2 have not yet been announced…... grin

Lee Dronick

The accessory makers know nothing - Cases for the iPad 2 have not yet been announced

The smart ones wouldn’t say if they knew. Or perhaps the new ones are the same dimensions. I am thinking that Apple wouldn’t want the sales of the current models to slow because consumers are waiting for the new model.


On the subject of the time period between announcement and shipping, something no one seems to be pointing out is that the moment the ipad 2 is announced sales of the first gen will crash as people wait for the
new gen. Apple will want the ipad 2 to be on sale as soon as possible to avoid minimise this dead period.


Not a chance
Apple always runs the supply down before updating. Wait until iPad stocks become tight.

It’s possible
Apple may keep the iPad v1 as a low cost version kind of like the do with the iPhone GS now.

No Way
They would have announced an event next week before now. Nothing scheduled-nothing happening that soon.

Pretty likely
Apple might wait until the last minute to schedule to reduce speculation.


@ Sir Harry -Just in case you didn’t get it;  it was just a joke, Sir Harry. Well, only just a joke.

Lee Dronick

@ Sir Harry -Just in case you didn?t get it;? it was just a joke, Sir Harry. Well, only just a joke.

No problem. I am fighting a cold and am having fevers and chills, not thinking too well at times over the last few days.

Vern Seward

A tad off subject, Sir Harry, but if you have a fever then you don’t have a cold. You’ve got some variety of flu.

Quick everyone, Sterilize your keyboards! grin

Now, back on subject: Apple has made media announcements with little lead time before, as I recall. So an announcement next week isn’t entirely out of character.

There are several reasons why Apple would announce iPad2 several months ahead of its release, the first of which might be to keep people from buying any of the Android tablets that are starting to appear. The logic for these folks, and I suspect there would be a substantial number, is to wait and see what the new iPad offers and compare it to whatever’s available in the Android world.

Another reason for an early announcement is to give developers some ramp-up time. Anyone notice how jerky The Daily’s Carousel is? Several reasons for this, of course, not the least of which is that the app hasn’t been fully optimized. But it would seem to me that The Daily folks would have access to beta iPad 2 units running iOS 4.3, which likely would run the Carousel just fine. Other developers would want some time to optimize for the new hardware, which, in the long run, would benefit Apple.

Obviously this is pure speculation on my part, but ya just never know with Apple.


Lee Dronick

A tad off subject, Sir Harry, but if you have a fever then you don?t have a cold. You?ve got some variety of flu.

What ever it is, it has gone viral.

Correct me if I am wrong, again, but if there is some sort of cell phone technology in a device then it has to be announced a certain time period before going on sale? Suppose the new iPad is not just WiFi and 3G, but also a cell phone. Now of course someone will say that it would look stupid holding be holding an iPad to their ear when making a call, but ya could use it with a BlueTooth or as a speaker phone. Talk about a leap ahead of the competition.

Vern Seward

Well, you’re not the only one who thinks the iPad can be a serviceable phone. I tried calls with Line 2 and Skype on my iPad using a wired headset and found them to work just fine, thank you very much. But I don’t believe Apple would go so far as to include cellphone hardware in the new iPads. I think it’s a bit confusing.

Unless, of course, Apple has developed a software option on its own that would allow any 3G enabled iPad to act as a phone. Such an app could run in the background and would circumvent the problem with CDMA not being able to web surf while talking since everything would be handled via VoIP.

In fact, I see something like this happening eventually because the processors in mobile devices are getting so powerful that dedicate phone hardware will be redundant. The problem is that the phone companies will likely not allow it.

Ah well.

Get better soon Harry.


Lee Dronick

What I am thinking Vern is that people are forgoing land lines for cell phones. The downside I guess is portability. As lightweight as an iPad is, it is not as light or compact as an iPhone. So we are back to two lines or cell service accounts.

Whatever, the new iPad will get here when it gets here.

My wife caught this bug last week and is now back to work. It is about 5 days of feeling yucky, but not too bad. I am at about the third day into it.

Vern Seward

I can see that, but are you also thinking that folks are forgoing desktops as well? The iPad could make a reasonable landline replacement, I suppose, but if I go an iMac at home why wouldn’t I want to use it instead? Just speculating.

There are two flu versions going around that I’m aware of, (likely more) There’s 24-36 hour bug and a week-long variety. Sounds like your wife gave you the latter. I had the former just before Christmas. None of it’s fun so I feel for ya.


Lee Dronick

I can see that, but are you also thinking that folks are forgoing desktops as well? The iPad could make a reasonable landline replacement, I suppose, but if I go an iMac at home why wouldn?t I want to use it instead? Just speculating.

Not yet, and probably not for a long time. We still need desktops/Macbooks to manage the iPad.

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