Rumor Claims Apple Dropping iPhone, iPad Home Button

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Following reports that Apple is adding a new iOS 4.3 multi-touch gesture that lets iPad users jump to their Home screen without pressing any buttons, a rumor cropped up claiming that future iPhone and iPad models will do away with the Home button all together.

No more Home button?

According to unnamed sources talking with Boy Genius Report, Apple employees are already testing iPhone and iPad models sans Home button. The button-free models could be slated to be released as the second generation iPad and the fifth generation iPhone, both due out this year.

There isn’t any official confirmation coming from Apple, and the lack of the Home button could make one-handed navigation substantially more difficult. Since Apple’s engineers are masters of innovative designs, however, that doesn’t mean they haven’t found a way to make one-handed navigation easy even without the familiar Home button.

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Lee Dronick

Is not unreasonable that Apple is testing things that to see how well they work? Then as a result of testing the device or procedure it may be deemed not feasible?


Given the many uses of the home button and it’s double and triple press, I might run out of fingers for gestures.  However, I would be in favor of an application hardware button so that developers have a button they can use.  I’ve read some stories about a camera app that used the volume up/down button but was then withdrawn because it violated apple standards.
If the home button becomes superfluous, then it could be used by apps…

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