Rumor Claims CDMA-based iPad on the Way

Rumors that Apple is adding CDMA wireless communication support to its mobile devices has spread from the iPhone to include the iPad. The latest report out of Taiwan claims that in addition to Wi-Fi and UMTS-based models, like are currently available, Apple plans to add a CDMA-compatible version when the second generation iPad ships, according to DigiTimes.

Word of the CDMA-based iPad comes from unnamed sources in the parts supply chain.

Rumors say a CDMA iPad is on the way

Currently, the 3G version of the iPad relies on the same UMTS technology as the iPhone for 3G wireless data access, which isn’t compatible with CDMA-based networks such as Verizon. iPad owners wanting to use Verizon’s data network rely on portable hotspots that can also be used with other Wi-Fi capable devices including laptops.

The unnamed sources claim Apple plans to build equal numbers of Wi-Fi only and CDMA iPads, and slightly more UMTS-based models for networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Orange. The sources also estimate Apple is planning on shipping about 40 million iPads on 2011 based on component orders.

Since Apple doesn’t comment on rumors and speculation, the company isn’t confirming any of the information insider sources are allegedly leaking. Until Apple actually announces new iPad models, reports like these should be treated as unsubstantiated rumors.