Rumor Claims Next iPad to Have Smaller Dock Connector

More iPad 3 rumorsThe next iPad model Apple releases will have a smaller dock connector port than the iPad 2, iPhone and iPod touch, assuming the latest rumors prove to be true. The Japanese Web site Macotakara claims to have sources confirming the new dock connector, along with a spring launch just like the iPad 2.

If Macotakara’s sources are right, Apple will be ditching its standard connector port and potentially breaking compatibility with accessories such as dock-equipped sound systems and portable battery chargers. It also means iPad 3 owners wouldn’t be able to share a dock cable with their iPhone or iPod touch, or with the iPod classic and nano.

Apple would also have to release a new camera adapter kit for the iPad since the current model is sized to fit the standard dock connector port.

Apple isn’t talking about the next iPad model, so for now reports of any new features or design changes should be taken with a healthy dose of salt — including reports of a non-standard dock port.

[Thanks to Macworld UK for the heads up.]