Rumor: Next iPod nano to Bring Back Camera

Apple may be planning on including a digital camera in its seventh generation iPod nano, just as it did on the fifth generation model. Word of the new nano camera rumor comes courtesy of and an allegedly leaked photo showing what looks to be a camera lens cutout in what otherwise could be a sixth generation iPod nano.

Assuming the rumor is legit, Apple has apparently found a way to pack a camera into what is already a cramped case considering the sixth generation iPod nano is nearly the same size as the iPod shuffle. What isn’t clear from’s photo is how users will snap photos with the nano, or what Apple plans to do about the large belt clip on the back of the device.

Including a digital camera in the next gen nano doesn’t seem overly likely especially since the company dropped the camera when it released the sixth generation model. For now, this rumor seems like little more than a clever idea, and since Apple doesn’t comment on unannounced products, it should be taken with an appropriate dose of salt.

[Thanks to 9 to 5 Mac for the heads up.]