Rumor Says New MacBook Pros Next Week

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New MacBook Pros next week? MaybeApple is allegedly ready to release updated MacBook Pro models some time next week, according to the latest rumors. Apparently upgrades for the 13, 15 and 17-inch models are all in the works, although the changes compared the current shipping models will apparently be relatively minor.

According to 9 to 5 Mac’s anonymous sources, the new MacBook Pro models will get Intel Sandy Bridge processors that offer better performance, and Bluetooth 4.0 support. The sources also said that Apple isn’t expected to change the pricing on its MacBook Pro lineup.

Apple’s last major updated for the MacBook Pro line happened in February with the introduction of Thunderbolt ports, Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, and support for up to 16GB RAM.

While the MacBook Pro is ripe for a refresh, there hasn’t been any word from Apple as to whether or not new models are ready to roll out. For now, updates for the MacBook line should be treated as just rumors — until Apple makes an official announcement.

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Crystal balls are still not filled with snow. Snow globes have little to do with prognostication.


It is a crystal ball. It’s showing a Macbook Pro descending from the heavens in an iCloud of fluffy white snow - just in time for the holidays.

Lee Dronick

Small air bubbles in glass are known as seeds. What you see in Jeff’s graphic are the kernels of forthcoming Apple products that will eventually panic the competition.


What I read was four core Sandy Bridge processors at up to 4Ghz. Two USB 3 and two ThunderBird ports. An exceptionally thin design with a totally new ultra thin CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive. Stock RAM at 80Gb expandable to 160Gb. One pound for the 13”($599) up to three pounds for the new top of the line 27"MacBook Pro ($1999). Touch screens with the option of booting into either OS-X or iOS. Aluminum cases for all models with the option of leather bonded to the outside (like a vinyl car roof from the ‘70s)

At least that’s what I thought the rumors sites quoting an anonymous source from deep within the catering company that sometimes delivers lunch to one of the plants were saying.

Even if only half of this is true I’m looking forward to them.


The 9 to 5 Mac article makes it sound like the new ones will be the same as the current ones.  So it is a minor hardware tweak update?  Were there issues with current MBPs? Or maybe switching part suppliers, so the new hardware is slightly different?

It doesn’t sound like they’ll be doing a speed bump or any significant refresh. Plus this is rather soon to do a major change anyway.

Ross Edwards

new top of the line 27”MacBook Pro ($1999)

Wait… what?  Or are you thinking 17”?

Me, personally, I am hoping for a nice iMac refresh bringing the price of HDD and SSD a little more in line with reality… the March refresh was a move forward, but over the summer storage media really dropped a lot in the market pricewise.


  1319231361 said:

  new top of the line 27?MacBook Pro ($1999)

Wait? what?  Or are you thinking 17??

LOL No. I almost wrote 21” but figured what the heck why not go totally over the top.


Rumour, rumour little lie,
How I wonder what you spy.
All around us spreading fast,
Like bad gas you’re not to last.
Rumour, rumour spread your line,
Run to Apple. Oops, good-bye.

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