Rumor: Siri Coming to iPad in iOS 6

Apple’s Siri voice control feature, currently available only on the iPhone 4S, may be coming to the iPad when iOS 6 is released. Currently, the third generation iPad offers voice dictation support, but lacks the voice control that iPhone 4S users have.

Anonymous sources speaking with 9to5Mac claim the feature will be available to at least third generation iPad owners when iOS 6 ships, generally expected this fall. Siri on the iPad, they claim, will support all of the voice control features found on the iPhone 4S except for phone-specific commands.

Siri may be coming to the iPad this fallSiri may be coming to the iPad this fall

Siri lets iPhone 4S use conversational speech to control their phone, look up information, check schedules, read messages, and more.

The third generation iPad’s hardware seems to be capable of supporting Siri voice control, so it isn’t much of a leap to expect the feature to eventually find its way to Apple’s multimedia tablet. The fact that Siri is still a beta feature may have pushed Apple to limit support to the iPhone 4S for now.

Apparently Apple has been testing Siri on the second and third generation iPad, although there isn’t any word yet on whether or not the company plans to offer Siri support on the older model.

Since Apple doesn’t comment on unannounced products, Siri support for the iPad should be treated as a rumor for now.