Rumor: White iPhone 4 Coming in April

Apple’s fabled white iPhone 4 may finally get to see the light of day nearly a year after it was supposed to hit store shelves. Apparently the Mac and iPad maker has finally sorted out the issues behind the extended delay and will begin shipping the white models before the end of April, according to Bloomberg.

News of the alleged white iPhone 4 launch comes via unnamed sources who also claim that Apple will release versions that for both AT&T and Verizon.

White iPhone 4The white iPhone 4: Still not available

Apple originally said it would launch the white iPhone 4 along side the black model that’s currently available when the device first rolled out in June 2010. The white model was, however, conspicuously missing on launch day and still hasn’t shown up ten months later.

Production problems have been blamed for the delay.

Apple has historically released updated iPhone models about 12 months apart, although rumors are claiming this year that may not happen until September. If so, that would give customers a couple more months to enjoy their white iPhones before the iPhone 5 is released.

Apple doesn’t comment on rumor and speculation, so the company hasn’t confirmed that the white iPhone really will ship in April, and it hasn’t said anything about the launch window for the iPhone 5, either.