Rumors Claim Strange Apple Event in February

As if rumors of pending iPad and iPhone refreshes aren’t enough, a new rumor claims that Apple is planning a media event for early February. Instead of calling the even “special,” however, this event is being called “strange.”

Strange Apple event in February? We'll see.News of this alleged “strange” event comes courtesy of the Japanese website Macotakara who also said the press event wouldn’t be product-related.

Since “strange” can mean anything from “even after attending the event we still aren’t sure what it was about,” to Phil Schiller performing interpretive dance to illustrate Apple’s dominance in the tablet market, the company could have almost anything planned — assuming the report is accurate.

Macotakara previously reported that Apple would announce the iPad 3 in February and ship it March. The site is now claiming the announcement and release will both happen in March, indicating the rumored February event won’t be iPad-related.

Apple doesn’t comment on rumor or speculation, so the only way we’ll know for sure if this unusual media event really is happening will come when invitations start showing up.