Runesoft Continues the Amusing Adventures of Assil in Ankh 3

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Runesoft has released Ankh 3: Battle of the Gods, the third in developer Deck 13’s ongoing amusing adventures of Assil, an Egyptian slacker who manages to get himself into all kinds of trouble. Ankh 3 puts him in the middle of a battle between various Egyptian gods, and he and his girlfriend Thara will need to stop the sinister god Seth from winning it.

Ankh 3 takes players across ancient Egypt, including its capital, Luxor, as well as a Viking village and the Hotel of the Gods. Like previous games in the series, Ankh 3 features plenty of amusing conversations with NPCs and irreverent situations.

The game is currently available as a digital download from Deliver2Mac for US$39.95. System requirements call for Mac OS X version 10.5.7, a 1.6GHz Intel processor, 512MB RAM, and 1.1GB of hard drive space.

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In case anyone’s interested, a digital download of the first Ankh game is available for $6 at I liked the game and would say it’s certainly worth more than $6 (for anyone who likes adventure games in the first place). But I’m not sure these games are worth the 40 bucks Deliver2Mac wants for them.

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