RunKeeper Wants to Give You Presents for Working Out

Exercise may be its own reward, but RunKeeper thinks a little something extra couldn't hurt so it teamed up with Kiip to give its app users rewards for meeting new workout goals. The rewards will be offers for free or discounted health and fitness-related products, which sounds a lot like in-app ads, but the company is working to present them in a way that doesn't offend users and actually gives them something of value.

RunKeeper is using an ad-like reward system to help improve our fitness levelsRunKeeper is using an ad-like reward system to help improve our fitness levels

The idea behind RunKeeper's new plan is that offering users an incentive to push themselves, they'll get stronger and healthier, and feel better about themselves, too. By exceeding their own best speeds, surpassing distance or time goals, or hitting weight goals, users will get discounts on products such as Propel Fitness Water and even Pebble smart watches, or free song downloads.

"Rewards for a job well done are always a welcome thing, and that's why we're bringing them into the RunKeeper app," the company said. "When you complete a workout and hit the stop button, keep your eyes peeled for a little surprise—discounts, free goodies, or other rewards that will make you smile."

Kiip manages in-app reward systems, so they're handling the giveaways and discounts for RunKeeper. Assuming the program lives up to its promise, it won't be obtrusive, and it'll offer relevant content -- something than many other in-app ad systems can't claim.