Rupert Murdoch: WS Coming to iPad, Has Test Unit Under Apple's Lock & Key

The Wall Street Journal is coming to the iPad, and the newspaper has a unit to work with that is kept under lock and key, and Apple keeps the key on a chain around its neck. This according to News Corp's CEO himself, Rupert Murdoch, who commented on the iPad during a press conference announcing a new section covering New York City for the Journal.

"In fact, we've been allowed to work on one, and it's under padlock and key," Mr. Murdoch said during the conference, as reported by The Journal. "The key is turned by Apple every night, but we will be on [the iPad] with The Wall Street Journal."

Mr. Murdoch also noted that there will be additional devices on which The Journal is available, all of which will be paid subscriptions.

The Washington Post announced an iPhone app on Wednesday for only $1.99, an app that will be available by default on the iPad when it launches. The Journal, however, appears to be working on the kind of made-for-iPad app that The New York Times has been developed for the device.

At the media event launching the iPad, The New York Times app was one of the featured apps used to demonstrate the kind of unique reading experience Apple thinks the iPad can deliver to readers.