sMailing And iWarning Updated From appMac

appMac has released updates for sMailing and iWarning, bringing them to versions 4.5 and 3.0 respectively. sMailing is an email utility designed for personalized bulk mail sending. The new version features several performance enhancements. iWarning is a multi-mailbox monitoring utility. The update features a new interface and other enhancements. According to appMac:

AppMac software announce two new versions of software for Mac OS and Mac OS X : sMailing 4.5 and iWarning 3.0

sMailing 4.5

Send personalized email messages

Whatis new ?

  • Better interface
  • Better performance
  • Better HTML management
  • Send messages with styled text and pictures
  • Powerful group management
  • vCard format support
  • Tutorial and documentation included

iWarning 3.0

Free utility allowing to watch several mailbox.

Whatis new ?

  • Display HTML messages
  • New interface
  • Function to reply to messages

You can find more information about the latest versions of sMailing and iWarning at the AppMac Web site. sMailing 4.5 is available for US$59.00 and iWarning is available as freeware.