Safari: Go Back Several Steps with One Click

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Safari's got a built-in way to jump back several steps in your Internet navigation. All you have to do is click and hold on the back button in the toolbar, and you'll get a history of the places you've been in that particular tab or window.

Choose any one of those, and you'll be taken back to that page, which is much better than just hammering on that back button for ten minutes or so until you get to where you want. Also note that while I've taken the screenshots for this article in Safari, the same feature works in both Firefox and Chrome.

Another neat thing is that iOS devices can do this, too. Similarly, touching and holding on the back button in Safari will get you a list of all the places you've been in that tab or window, and you can tap one from the list to jump back to it.

This is helpful if you happen to run across a site that won't let you use your back button, either because its designers are incompetent or because they're pure evil. Just click and hold to pop back to where you were before you encountered the offending site, and away you go.

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On OS-X Safari, even if I clear the history on the menubar, some of the previous sites I visited is still visible using the method described here.  That is weird.

Lee Dronick

Thanks Melissa!

Aardman, I am going to have to try that.

Melissa Holt

Hey aardman,

If you close the window you were using, it should get rid of that trail of breadcrumbs. Or you can also clear your history, then quit Safari and reopen it.

Thanks to you, Lee! Cheers.


Paul Goodwin

Good tip. I use it all the time. Instant one click history is a must for heavy browsing.

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