Safari in Mavericks: Auto-Opening Bookmark Folders, Part Two

I pointed out back in July that using Safari’s Auto-Click feature to automatically open a folder full of bookmarks in tabs is pretty darned handy. But as a reader recently mentioned in the comments of that article, this ability seems to be missing in Safari under Mavericks. What the heck? Is this another case of “Apple giveth, and Apple taketh away”? Luckily, no—the feature’s still there, but now it’s a little more hidden. I shake my fist at you, Apple.

To enable it now for any particular folder of bookmarks, right- or Control-click on the folder in your toolbar. Among the options in that contextual menu is "Automatically Open in Tabs," so that's what you'll pick. 

As always, you can tell that this is turned on for a particular folder because it’ll have a little square next to its name in your toolbar. Here’s how a default bookmarks folder looks:

And here’s how a folder set to automatically open its contents in tabs appears:

After you’ve got it configured, then, clicking that folder will open every bookmark within it in a new tab. So if you’ve got a bunch of sites that you visit without fail first thing in the morning, for example, this is an easy way to do so. 

As I mentioned before, you'll need to keep in mind that opening a folder in tabs replaces everything you’ve got going on in your window, so be sure to press Command-N (File> New Window) first if you’ve gotta keep your current stuff. Also, if you want to open a bookmarks folder in tabs just once instead of every time, there are two ways you can do that. You can simply Command-click the folder, or you can also click it and pick “Open in Tabs” from the bottom of the list. 

And here at the end of the article is where I'd usually try to say something funny, or make a pun, or be entertaining (and probably fail, more often than not). But I gotta tell you guys—it's too close to Christmas. Eggnog and chocolate pump through my veins, making thinking hard. Just…just imagine that I've said something clever, OK?