Safari: Turning Off Push Notifications

You may have noticed that recent versions of Safari allow websites to ask permission to send you Notification Center alerts.

For the sites you like and trust (such as TMO, right? RIGHT?), this is a good thing, as you’ll be notified whenever they have new material for you to check out. But if you want to control the sites that have asked so far (or if you would just like to turn this feature off completely), here’s what you’ll do. Open Safari, of course, and then choose the menu item Safari> Preferences.

From the window that’ll appear, click on the “Notifications” tab. Within that, you’ll see the websites that you’ve already had requests from, and you can change their permissions.

Highlighted in red above is the checkbox that turns off the asking altogether, so if you’re tired of pop-ups like the one in my first screenshot, just deselect that. Additionally, clicking the “Notifications Preferences” button will take you over to System Preferences> Notifications, where you can control the types of pop-ups you get and how they behave for each individual site.

And I’m just saying that you should leave all of the notifications on for that particular website. No one is making me say that, either! No sir.

Jeff, can I have my cat back now? I’ll be good, I promise.