Safari 4 Officially Available for Mac, Windows

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Apple announced the immediate availability of Safari 4 for Mac OS X and Windows on Monday during its World Wide Developer Conference keynote presentation. Versions are available for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 as well as Windows XP and Vista.

According to Apple's Bertrand Serlet, Safari 4 scores 100% on the Acid3 standards test, where Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser scores only 21 percent. He added that when Safari 4 is running on a Mac with Snow Leopard, or Mac OS X 10.6, plug-ins that crash won't cause the browser to crash, too.

Safari 4 is also 50 percent faster at running 64-bit Java.

Safari 4 is free and will be available for download some time today at the Apple Web site.

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Um, “Officially Available” and “immediate availability” = “can download now”.

Which is the opposite of “will be available…some time today”.


I already downloaded it. And yes, it’s much faster.


One of the things I liked about safari was the blue ‘thermometer fill’ in the URL window as the page loads. It was really clear how far along it was. This appears to be gone now, replaced with a gray “Loading” box. This says nothing about whether the loading has gotten stuck or it’s still getting data. I hope there’s a way to turn this back


I’d like to see the thermometer load feature enabled or at least an option in the menu, also would love to see the option to (wait a minute gotta get the flameproof undees on) enable the title bar tabs, I liked that “feature.”


I’ve just been playing with customizing the toolbar. There does not appear to be a button to reload page/stop loading as there was before.

I use Reload a LOT.

OTOH I do like the Top Sites feature. That’s really cool.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

The tabs in title bar from the previous beta is gone. I really liked that. My screen feels 32 pixels less tall now :(.


Found it
The reload button is on the right end of the URL window. In the same place the Loading box appears. Also if you click on the Loading Box you can stop the page from loading.


They moved the Tabs.  I was getting use to them being on the top of the page.


Boo. You guys should have warned us that the tabs are now back on the bottom. It feels wrong now. I don’t like it. Apple should have provided an option for those who preferred it the other way.


This reminds me of the IE7 browser upgrade.  The Toolbar in IE7 was a line lower than IE6.  It took a Registry hack to move the Toolbar back to the top line.


One of the things I liked about safari was the blue ?thermometer fill? in the URL window as the page loads.

This loading bar did look good.  But think it was more relevant to people on dial-up or other slow connections.

Lee Dronick

They moved the Tabs.? I was getting use to them being on the top of the page.

Yes, I was getting quite used to them being there and started appreciating why there were located there. Oh well, back into the rut.

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