Safari 6 Brings Unified Search Feature to Lion

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Apple rolled out Safari 6 for OS X Lion users on Wednesday, bringing the Web browser’s new Mountain Lion features to the previous version of the Mac operating system. The new browser includes the same unified URL entry and search field found in its Mountain Lion counterpart.

Safari 6 for OS X Lion gets Smart Search FieldSafari 6 for OS X Lion gets Smart Search Field

Along with the unified Smart Search Field, Safari 6 also includes Offline Reading List support, Do Not Track support, a new Password pane for managing website logins, and support for the Chinese language Baidu search engine, bug fixes, and more.

Safari 6 is available via Apple’s Software Update application and requires OS X Lion.

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Anyone tried Safari 6 yet ?

Any horrors/nightmares to report ?

Safari 5.1.7 has issues for me and I’m wondering if the upgrade is worth it…....


seem to have lost that handy little orange button in the search field that took you back to your search results, damn, loved that. Does not seem to be any replacement for it.


handy little orange button in the search field

Sorry, you’ve lost me there.

What “Orange Button” ?


Sorry, you?ve lost me there.

What ?Orange Button? ?

When you type in the search field on the upper right corner and then hit enter, the google (or whatever search engine you use) pops up in the main window, but then there’s an orange circle with a curved arrow indicating that if you click that icon, it’ll bring you back to that window again.


right 1placemacuser, was a handy feature, in fact its what kept me from switching to chrome, funny that its gone.


I HATE the combined URL/Search field. I had to switch to Yahoo search to get the orange ‘snapback’ feature again, and now that’s gone for good, it seems.  HEY APPLE! Quit trying to help us by messing up a good thing. Jeez.


Command-Option-S will duplicate that feature of the old “Snapback”

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