Safari Holds Its Own in April, IE Drops

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Apple's Safari Web browser market share remained relatively unchanged in April, but Microsoft's Internet Explorer continued losing users to competitors. Safari sat at 8.21 percent of the browser market for the month and nearly where it was in March with an 8.23 percent market share, according to data from Market Share.

Internet Explorer entered April with about 66.82 percent of the market, but ended the month down at 66.1 percent. Microsoft has been slowly shedding users for well over a year, and that trend doesn't seem to be letting up.

Firefox, however, has been steadily gaining users for some time and now holds 22.48 percent of the browser market, up from March's 22.05 percent. Google Chrome, while popular with some users, still holds only 1.42 percent of the market, up slightly from last month's 1.23 percent.

Web browser usage statistics are gathered from a subset of Web sites, so the numbers represent a rough estimate of the actual number of people surfing the Web with a specific application. The figures do show, however, that interest in Safari and Firefox is growing at the expense of Internet Explorer.



And yet, I found out today that my companies health insurance provider not only has an IE only claims site. It’s IE7 or better only.

Bunch of morons
(actually I have more appropriate descriptors, but this is a family site…)


Then this is your opportunity to tell them that they are excluding 33% of their clients from their claims site.

I’m sure the company’s managers would be very interested to hear that…


Actually I think it’s even higher than that. IE6 works partially but the claims forms section won’t load. IE6 is another ~17%. That means that ~50% are not served.

Boris Gates

Difficult to submit claims is a convenient money saving shenanigan, like mail in rebates in retail.  You are promised one thing, but they make it very difficult to actually get your money.  Physician office are all too familiar with insurance companies delaying payment, “loosing” claims repeatedly, requesting additional documentation (over and over)...
IE7 or newer only sound like another obstructionist movement…

Lee Dronick

And yet, I found out today that my companies health insurance provider not only has an IE only claims site. It?s IE7 or better only.

Or better? Well Safari is certainly better. Anyway, I am wondering if the forms section being browser specific violates equal access laws.

Neil Anderson

The side of the box said for use with Windows XP or better.

So I bought a Mac.


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