Safari: Jump to a Page’s Top or Bottom

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Two of my most commonly used Safari shortcuts are Command–Down Arrow and Command–Up Arrow. What do these shortcuts do, you ask? The first scrolls you all the way to the bottom of the page you’re on; the second puts you at the top. So if you need to move in either direction, you don’t have to actually scroll at all. Whew!

For those of you who use Chrome or Firefox, this works in those programs, too. 

This little shortcut is good to remember, as you can use it in other places around the Mac. In document-creation apps (like Pages and TextEdit, and even Mail’s Compose window), those shortcuts mean “jump to the beginning or the end of the text.” So you don’t have to scroll in those programs, either. And I’ve mentioned before that these same shortcuts have a unique use in the Finder.

Finally, if you add Shift to those shortcuts, it means “select all the text between where my cursor is and the beginning/end.” So if you place your cursor in the middle of a document (or select some text on a webpage), Shift-Command–Up Arrow will select everything between your cursor and the beginning of the document; Shift-Command–Down Arrow will select things between there and the end. 

I place my cursor…


…and then when I press Shift-Command–Down Arrow, the magic happens.


Neato! I use this as an alternative to click-and-drag to select text, and it’s more controlled than Select All. And goodness knows we wouldn’t be power users if we didn’t know 5,792 keyboard shortcuts for every possible situation, anyway. High five, you guys!

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Lee Dronick

Handy for those keyboards such as on a Macbook that do not have a Home and End key.


Handy for those keyboards such as on a Macbook that do not have a Home and End key


For Forward Delete challenged LapTop style keyboards try fn - delete

Lee Dronick

Thanks Furbies!


Can you get “Jump To Selection” to work in Safari?

Edit > Find > Jump to Selection (Command + J)


For me, it’s always Control-b and Control-e, as in Beginning and End.  I use the macro program iKey, or short cut keys, or redefined or added keys in Word or other programs.  Shift-control-e gets me the highlight everything to the end.

Why might you ask?  Well, it’s a carryover from the old AppleWriter days!

Plus, it’s far faster to hit control-b (and remember it) than the down arrow (which is often tiny on many keyboards and not that often used).  Fast, simple, and keeps up the old AW tradition.  Makes me feel at home!

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