Safe and Cheap File Storage for Mac Users

360Works announced the launch of 360Works SafetyNet on Friday. This utility is an automated offsite backup plugin designed specifically for FileMaker Server solutions.

SafetyNet allows users to set up remote backup routines for FileMaker Server administrators. Files are stored on Amazon's cloud-based online file storage service. Once installed as a plugin on a FileMaker Server, SafetyNet watches for changes to the scheduled backup sets. When new files are detected, SafetyNet automatically compresses and transfers the latest backups to Amazon's secure off-site digital storage facilities using SSL encryption.

SafetyNet requires no user intervention after the initial setup. SafetyNet includes a web-based control panel that can be accessed from anywhere.

The plugin itself is free, and billing for the service is handled by Amazon for 99 cents per month, $1.00 per gigabyte per month stored, and $1.00 per gigabyte transferred. The SafetyNet plugin can be downloaded from the company’s site.