Sam & Max Season 3 Announced; Monkey Island Games Set For Pre-Order

The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco came to a conclusion this week with a flurry of news about games whose roots stretch back to LucasArts’ classic adventure games of the 1980s and 90s: Telltale Games announced that season three of Sam & Max, The Devil’s Playhouse, will kick off in April, and that the collector’s DVD of Tales of Monkey Island is available for pre-order; and Aspyr opened pre-orders for The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition.

As The Devil’s Playhouse opens, Max receives powerful psychic abilities that will help him and Sam fight a variety of strange opponents, including intergalactic simians, eldritch gods, under-dwellers, and more. Players must collect various objects and figure out the solutions to puzzles as they guide Sam and Max, known as The Freelance Police, through a series of five monthly episodes. Pre-orders are open now.

Meanwhile, the Tales of Monkey Island Collector’s DVD brings together all five episodes in the latest Monkey Island adventure starring wannabe buccaneer Guybrush Threepwood, his wife Elaine, and the undead pirate LeChuck. A Deluxe version features several extras: a previously un-discovered Voodoo Lady card, a map from Reginald Van Winslow’s collection, a piratey piece of eight coin, a drink coaster from Club 41, and more. The Collector’s DVD is available for the cost of shipping to those who purchased the entire series; the Deluxe version is US$14.95, or $49.95 for new customers.

Finally, the Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition recreates the original game that started the series back in 1990, complete with updated artwork, full voice-overs, a re-mastered score, and an in-depth hint system. Players can switch between the old and new artwork on the fly. Pricing is $9.99. The game is expected to ship in the coming weeks.