Samsung Announced Its Own Developer Conference, But Why?

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Samsung announced its own developer conference for the end of October. The company said it will hold the event at the Westin St. Francis Union Square in San Francisco, though it's not yet clear what the conference will focus on. My question is, why?

The company made the announcement by launching a website that would be the envy of any industrial laser calibration tool manufacturer. If this was 2001. You can see the entirety of that site below. It's slick, right?

Samsung Dev Conf

Samsung's Developer Conference Website

Samsung hasn't announced the specific focus of the conference other than to say that developers will be able to "Engage with industry leaders. Collaborate with fellow developers. Learn about new Samsung tools and SDKs."

Samsung makes computer running Windows and Chrome OS, and smartphones that run Windows Phone, Android, and a few that run its own Bada OS. Samsung is also working on a Linux-based mobile operating system called Tizen that isn't yet shipping.

Odds are that this developer conference will be aimed at developers who want to learn more about taking advantage of Samsung-specific hardware and software features in the company's Galaxy S4 smartphone that runs Android, and perhaps other devices that may be introduced in time for the holidays.

I wrote a piece in May accusing Samsung of having delusions of relevance. The heart of that piece is that software matters, and original software innovation matters more. Google, Microsoft, and Apple all have developers conference for their respective platforms because they control the heart of those platforms, the operating system.

A developer conference for device-specific SDKs? Seems like you could that as a webinar, but that's just me.


Paul Goodwin

That is one ugly web page! Looks like it was designed by someone who not only couldn’t do graphic design, but also didn’t care. Obviously either did his manager or whatever other committee approved it’s use. Draws you right in and makes you want to sign up right away. Jaheezus. It looks like people waiting in an airport lobby.

David 1

If they’re hosting this at the St. Francis in San Francisco they can’t be expecting too many people to attend. Besides, didn’t HTC start down this path not too long ago either? They didn’t host their own DevCon but they were planning on offering their on App Store or something. When these Android device manufacturers start to get some popularity they decide they want more for their efforts than just device sales and so far that hasn’t materialized for anyone.


Samsung is planning to fork Android and develop their own proprietary Galaxy flavor of the OS. Samsung has come to realize that their entire mobile business relies on a platform they don’t control. That is untenable for Samsung going forward. Especially when Google decides to enter the Android hardware business in earnest by way of their Motorola subsidiary. I think 2014 will turn out to be the year of The Big Rift in the Android world with Google and Samsung essentially splitting the Android market in two.



In response, I would merely suggest that you not discount the power and effect of suggestion, repetition and association.

The media continue to associate Apple and Samsung in nearly the same breath with every report of one or the other. This plays to Samsung’s benefit, namely being portrayed as in the same league and business as Apple. That’s association.

Second, it is repeated. Consistently by press and pundits alike. That’s repetition, but it helps to make the mental association stick.

Then there’s suggestion. Apple hold their annual WWDC. Well, if Apple are doing it, why not Samsung? Afterall, they are in the same league and business, are they not? Of course they are, and, voilà! Here is Samsung’s developers conference. So, they really are just like Apple, are they not? And, they sell more phones, do they not? Therefore, they are the superior company, are they not?

I think it’s smart for Samsung to do this. Moreover, the secondary gain is that they can begin to get developers to focus on apps for whatever platform on which they might decide to stake their future. Again, smart. How successful in that respect is secondary to the gain from suggestion, association and repetition.

Samsung = Apple. Only better.


TVs. It’s easy to lock someone into your app ecosystem on a TV. Smart TVs are more like smart phones than computers.


My impression from your site is that Apple invented the smartphone from scratch.  They invented it all, including the laws of physics that dictate how things ‘bounce.’  Bryan Chaffin was right…HOW DARE SAMSUNG TRY TO ENCOURAGE APP DEVELOPMENT.  DOES SAMMY THINK IT’S RELEVANT?!?  The audacity!!

BTW, according to this story, Apple will buy more touch screens from Samsung for the iPad mini 2 .  THAT’S OK, BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW APPLE INVENTED THE TOUCH SCREEN.  Where’s Bryan Chaffin THE GREAT WHITE HOPE?  Come on - we need you to properly interpret all this, and don’t forget a picture of Samsung’s CEO with slanty sunglasses!!  Where is the GREAT WHITE HOPE??!

Lee Dronick

Maybe they are trying to get them to develop apps, ones that more people will buy.

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