Samsung Cuts Off Apple’s MacBook, iPad Battery Supply

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Apple has apparently turned to Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery for its laptop and iPad battery needs after Samsung reportedly stopped supplying the components. If true, it underscores the ongoing tension between the two companies over patent infringement claims.

Samsung to Apple: No More Batteries for YouSamsung to Apple: No More Batteries for You

News of the parts supply change comes via China Business News, although there isn't much evidence yet to back up the claims.

This latest claim follows reports that Samsung stopped selling display parts and raised the cost for manufacturing Apple's custom chips -- both of which Samsung has denied. Apple has, however, moved away from working with Samsung on future custom processor designs and instead is using the electronics giant just as a manufacturing partner.

"Samsung's agreement with Apple is limited to manufacturing the A6 processors," a senior Samsung executive said in October. "Apple did all the design and we are just producing the chips on a foundry basis."

Apple and Samsung have been fighting in courts around the world over claims they are using each other's mobile device patents without proper licensing. Apple managed to win a major victory in August when a U.S. Federal Court ruled Samsung was infringing on a long list of patents and awarded the Cupertino-based company over US$1 billion in damages.

Apple has also reportedly been grooming Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to take over its processor manufacturing.

Considering the volume of batteries Apple needs and the amount of money Samsung makes from supplying parts to the company, it doesn't seem likely it would simply walk away from its contract. The China Business News report does, however, highlight the continuing clashes both companies face as the work through their patent infringement fight.

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John Molloy

Samsung Cuts Off Apple’s MacBook, iPad Battery Supply

Do you have evidence to support the ‘after Samsung reportedly stopped supplying the components’? I’m pretty certain on the other sites that covered this again with the doom-laden headline it was admitted that Apple moved the batteries away from Samsung.

For example perhaps Apple has done some more battery development work and don’t want to give the new designs to Samsung.


Mac Observer stated this in the most sensational way possible to page view whore.

John Molloy

Well they’ve lost a lot of traffic since AFB upped and left.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Samsung has lost billions of dollars as a supplier to Apple and stands to lose billions more as Apple sources away from them.  If the cell phone/tablet arm of Samsung had actually taken this scenario into account before copying the iPhone/iPad so much, they may have actually done some innovation instead of simply copying.  But now they have to live with their decision.  Pretty sad, but definitely symptomatic of large corporations with divisions that don’t consult each other before doing stupid things.

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