Samsung Demands iOS 6 Code in South Korea Patent Fight

Samsung wants Apple to hand over the code for iOS 6 so it can look for evidence to back up its claims that the Notification Center feature on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch infringes on its patents. The request, which Apple is refusing, was made as part of the company's patent fight in South Korea.

Samsung to Apple: Show me the codeSamsung to Apple: Show me the code

Apple's legal team called the request "insane," adding "It doesn't make any sense. Samsung is saying that we should give up protecting our most important data," according to Korea Times.

Samsung, however, sees the request differently. The company argued that it wouldn't be able to confirm if Apple really was infringing on its patents without examining the code.

Samsung said it registered the patent in late 2006, and Apple implemented it as an iOS update in 2011. Apple countered that the feature was already in wide use before Samsung tried to take control over it.

Apple and Samsung have been fighting in courts around the world over claims that they are infringing on each other's mobile device patents. Apple was awarded US$1 billion in 2012 when a U.S. court ruled Samsung infringed on several of its patents while at the same time ruling Apple wasn't infringing on Samsung's. Samsung has been fighting that ruling.

Apple also refused a Samsung request to have its software engineers testify. The court in Seoul is now considering who to respond to Samsung's requests.