Samsung Galaxy S3 Fires Shot at iPhone 5 with National Print Ad

Samsung Print Ad Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

Earlier today we provided a spec comparison between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Starting Sunday, Samsung will make its own comparison between the two best selling smartphones with a large print ad in national and local newspapers across the United States, CNET reported.

With the headline “It doesn’t take a genius,” Samsung runs down the basic specifications and hardware features of both phones, even including a humorous reference to Apple’s new “Lightning” interface as a “totally different plug.”

The Galaxy S3 does beat the iPhone 5 in certain areas, such as longer battery life, more RAM, and NFC support. However, Samsung was careful not to mention what may be the largest advantage the iPhone has over its competitors: the App Store.

Android App Marketplaces are quickly becoming more robust, but Apple’s App Store remains by almost every metric the largest, most diverse, and highest quality destination for mobile app purchases.

Another advantage in the iPhone 5’s favor is the interoperability of the various iDevices, Macs, and iCloud, something that Apple CEO Tim Cook highlighted during the company’s special event last Wednesday. Most modern iDevices and Mac computers can take advantage of iCloud syncing to share data, media, and photos seamlessly between them. Some Android applications offer similar features but, due to the natural diversity of Android hardware and software, none can match the “Apple Experience.”

For users new to smartphones, or existing Android users, Samsung is quickly trying to put its devastating patent infringement loss behind it and attract these potential customers by correctly pointing out that its flagship smartphone handily beats the iPhone in some important areas.

However, for many long-time Apple users who are heavily invested in iOS apps and iCloud data and media management, and for users who value overall experience more than pure hardware performance, the iPhone 5 is a likely choice, even if the hardware is not as capable as that in some competitors’ products.

Preorders for the iPhone 5 started September 14, but sold out in a little over an hour. Those who weren't able to preorder the phone can line up early and pick one up at Apple Retail Stores on Friday, September 21 at 8:00 a.m. local time. Samsung's Galaxy S3 launched in late May internationally and in the United States in June.

Samsung Print Ad Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

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